Music knows no boundaries when it comes to imagination and we can clearly see that reflected on Ultra_eko’s mindset when it comes to his music videos and songs on Spotify, Youtube and basically all over the internet!

We found a great order to meet him and his music in a way that will loop into the listener.

Starting with “Pingu – The Subsequel Mix”, a great blend between the old Rap/ Hip Hop vibes with the new generation of music with an iconic video that will leave you begging for more.

Following with ”Broken Glass – The Subsequel Mix”, a more commercial Hip Hop oriented song that starts bringing more light into what The Subsequel Mix is about.

It’s like a mystery waiting to be unravel, as he releases more music videos and keeps leaving clues for his fans, we can all enjoy his music via Spotify, where he has thousands of people listening.

As always, following on social media is a crucial step to support an artists so lead the way and drop some love on his social networks!