Not only his songs and talent are clearly top of the industry, but we can also say Andrea Pizzo has something fresh to offer to the music scene. His New album titled “Potatoes On Mars” brings you through an entire experience and submerges you into his creation process.

Far from being just another artist aiming for the mainstream, he brings with him an old-school feeling creating a story that moves along between tracks and is designed to make the listener enjoy by putting everything out there, all bars no barres. 

The album develops on several levels:

1) Space -> we start from the Earth and describe the exploration of the planets of the solar system and then imagine the journey to the Galaxy and the Universe

2) Time -> the journey through time of man is imagined starting from the birth of scientific thought up to a distant future in which humanity will have “divine” capabilities

3) Following the Kardashev scale, which describes the evolution of a civilization as a function of the technological level

His sound is clear and effective and he makes the songs feel effortless even though we know all the complexities that are put in the music industry to achieve such a professional sound. 

With a certain sense of rawness, ‘’Potatoes On Mars’’ puts you on the spot, much like how it seems Pizzo feels in the piece. 

Without a second notice, the album flips the script on you in a great compilation, helping to complete the cycle and the story that it seems like he wants you to see.

Andrea Pizzo has thrown a stone into the water and this one is resonating in each part of the ocean, and for the ocean, we mean the internet. Few artists can put out such a high-quality type of album, it has charisma, it has power, the lyrics are well written and he delivers precisely that, a unique album aimed to capture fans all over the world.

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