We’re thrilled by KatchUp and his unique genre, style, rhythm and up-beat tempo’s song titled ”Vini”

Thrilled to the point we can affirm that he created a new genre inside the music industry, something that few people are able to do. This genre is called ‘Ayimove’ – a combination of Kompa, Reggaeton, Soca, and Pop. It’s danceable, it lifts up the spirit, warms up the body and makes you move no matter how hard you try to avoid it. It’s so powerful, we all ended up dancing while listening to Vini.

An Engineering graduate, KatchUp has a long pedigree in music, spawned in part by accompanying his DJ father to gigs around his hometown. After many years experiencing first-hand the excitement of the performance & entertainment business, he decided to venture down a path of Music Production. Heavily inspired by the international recognition gained by AfroBeat in particular, KatchUp had goals and aspirations by combining the music of his African brothers and sisters with that of his own Haitian heritage, and this is the result. 

The song, close to 5000 streams on Spotify was released on January 1st and what a way to start the year that with a mix of cultures all into one perfectly crafted single.

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