Music that elevates the soul is always welcomed and Marshall Oakman keeps reinventing himself over and over, in this case with his new music video for “She’s No Doll, She’s A Woman”

It moves beyond just creating, it is about bringing value to women, recognising, exploring and finding new ways to reach new sounds, trends and offer always a better sound and a fully immersive experience.

The music video does just that while sharing a really well-put story where you can simply understand the message along with some beautifully written and performed lyrics.

Is all about fun, enjoyment and the band members behind him show how much value this song brings.

“She’s No Doll, She’s A Woman”, offers just that, a great vibe composed to help you ease your tension, sing along, get in the flow state and loop over and over while your mind wanders the most hidden areas of Marshall’s production skills. We connected so much with it, that at the end, we loved seeing her driving away with a smile.

The artist is big in his genre and his expertise in singing and playing the keyboard is perfectly reflected in the video. The song and music video are now available on all platforms!

The CK Production video was Executive Produced by Marshall Oakman, conceptualized by Marshall Oakman, Director Ethan Felizzari & Editor Rosie Dean, with production assistance by Robert Eberle and actors Rosie Dean, Samantha Coughlin, Daria Meyer, Hope Woodason, Janet Russell, Tania Morris, Amber Aras, Alyssa and Lacey Parsons. “She’s No Doll, She’s A Woman” also features legendary New York-based musicians, Kasim Sultan (Joan Jett), on bass, Liberty Devitto (Billy Joel), on drums and Paul Pesco (Madonna), on guitar.

On top of that, Marshall Oakman is easy to reach, both via Instagram and facebook! Be sure to check him out and share some love!





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