Incredible Hip Hop Rap artist SlimeyDarro is back after their big success ”Drip From The Bible” to impress us once again with a new fresh and motivational ”Misunderstood”

The song feels like a moody anthem to lift up the spirits and just play on repeat along the day.

The song changes dynamically and his Rap brings an unique flavour into this sound, we’re mesmerised by how good it sounds!

His catalogue is fresh, unique, filled with emotions hidden into the lyrics and it feels like each track is easy to relate to, brings a new part of him and leaves a nice after taste.

For those of you who didn’t listen to ”Misunderstood” yet, you can find the song here as well.

We love how he keeps re-inventing his sound, bringing something different to the table and keeping their music interesting, positive and full of surprises for the listener.

He has the talent to make catchy sounds that feel perfect on repeat!

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