In a world that often overlooks the voices of those in the foster care system, Davon and Tavon Woods, collectively known as Twin Gangg, are rapping for change. Born into a challenging situation, these twin brothers, who were taken from their birth mother and adopted at the age of two, have embarked on an incredible journey to raise awareness about the foster care system. Their mission has taken them to the California State Capitol, among many other places, to share their powerful message.

You can clearly hear their message in one of their hits titled “The Forgotten”, a song that shares their story through their childhood.

The pain and struggles children face in the foster care system are often hidden from public view. Davon and Tavon understand this all too well, having experienced the system themselves. They’ve endured the mental and physical abuse some foster children endure, but their resilience and determination shine brightly.

What sets Twin Gangg apart is their commitment to being a voice for the voiceless. They know what it’s like to feel forgotten, to believe that nobody is there for you, and to face the world without anyone by your side. It’s a tough reality for any child to endure, and it’s a reality that these twins are striving to change.

You can feel the deep connection they share in their Mic Performance “Icey Flow”, available on Youtube.

Their aspirations don’t stop around their community. After their extensive walks through the United States, Twin Gangg plans to take their message and mission beyond, starting with initiatives outside the country.

In a world that sometimes feels heavy with challenges and adversity, Twin Gangg reminds us that there is hope. Their dedication to advocating for foster youth and their vision for a brighter future serve as a beacon of inspiration. They are proof that ordinary individuals can become extraordinary advocates for change, making a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

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