Immense talent and bright future coming from
Artist Neutron Mendoza. We love how his music makes us feel and we’re pleased to introduce him to you. He is from Atlanta, Georgia; Born in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Through the entirety of this career has worked with music production labels like Atlantic Records, Universal Records, and Def Jam Records. His newest release, ‘Campaign Legend ’ is a pivotal album in his career that reestablishes his ever-expanding arc of creative wisdom.
We were lucky to listen to it and it’s such a worth listening experience for the Hip Hop lovers! The album, perfectly crafted and thoughtfully designed and composed from the first second to the last song is bringing a new flavor to the industry and taste that has never been served before.

We personally believe that the album has an incredible potential to make it to top charts! It’s the uniqueness of each song and how well combined it is that makes it shine and be the center of appreciation.

’Campaign Legend’ beautifully transcribes and defines the artist’s extensive musical knowledge and proximities. The album is a beautiful integration of lyrical and rhythmic modules that blend in to form a captivating arena of musical and hip hop appreciation. The album is sponsored by FansNbandz and carries the potential of emerging as the newest anthem in the scope of contemporary hip hop.

As always, the best way to show love and support is following the artist on all social media and you can even listen to Neutron Mendoza’s Masterpiece down here!