His new single ”Have You Ever Seen The Rain?” sounds magical, ethereal, melancholic and full of feelings and intentions we all feel related to. Walker’s voice is a perfect hit towards emotions, the way he wrote the lyrics, how a nice guitar can bring us to another universe on the first chord…. this is more than a song, is the chance of a bright career in the music industry and we’ll be there supporting him!

This is not the first single from Walker Tex, right here you can hear all his catalogue on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music…

But who is him?

Walker Tex is an upcoming artist based in Dublin Ireland, The Scottish Born singer has been working on numerous projects over the last year. 
“Have You Ever Seen The Rain” was the collaborative effort working with Producer Daniel Ball. The idea was to strip the track back to acoustic only and build an entire soundscape to suit the track but also bring into a new direction

Not only his voice sounds unique, with a deep grasp tone that captures beyond our souls, but the way his music is composed, aiming to make the listener float along the tracks is beyond wonderful.

We love how the song is growing and flows while the song develops, it’s so easy-listening and we can even imagine a beautiful dance piece performed with it, or the kind of music you want to be playing during a rainy day.

His catalogue moves deeper and we want each song to resonate with you, that’s why, be sure to follow him on social media!