A unique and electric soul representing emotions we experience through his music, songs that make you feel scared, melancholic, excited, calm, full of passion and even have the power to inspire you.

Dak Attack is a talented music producer that uses his music to talk about multiple situations.

His new song ”The Nightmare” brings you deep into a state of fright, it guides you through your worst nightmare as it increases. While all his songs could be fit into a ”EDM” genre, he goes beyond and blend his sounds with modern beats, electronic synths and rocky sounds that bring dynamism to each track.

The song is a spiral, a dream that went wrong but sounds incredible.

Other of his songs like ”All I want” made you feel like part of a music Festival while others like ”Face the Tribe” made you battle for your existence with the perfect craft of elements sounding fiercely along the song.

”The Nightmare” is his last release and we’re thrilled for you to listen to it on all streaming platforms. Be sure to subscribe and leave a follow on Spotify as well as Social Media!