Few people would do what Half Way to Saint Petersburg’s main artist, composer and producer Nathan Lackley did.

With impressive wit and determination he created a Band, all done by himself in the name of Love, trying to collect enough money to be able to travel and be next to the woman he loves and that he met online years ago. The story is what inspires us most. Such is the courage of this artist that he has released his 3rd album and has material enough for 2 more albums that will definitely come soon. Online love is possible and he is proof of it!

The Album’s debut song ”Rapid Fire” is unique, it feels like a narrator is going with us along a movie, you can feel the intention, the power and the deep feelings this artist has for her.

For us, this story proves that love can move mountains and that Muses are real. If anybody could go as far as Half Way to Saint Petersburg, then the world would be a better and brighter place.

Are you able to go this far for love?




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