We are no strangers to the talent Ultra_eko has when it comes to music as well as music videos. We’ve seen him releasing multiple singles around Youtube as well as streaming platforms and we’re hooked to it already.

From the creative point each song is a perfect master piece crafted with a deeper goal in mind. It started with ”Pingu” from the Subsequel Mix. A song with vibes from the 80s and 90s blended with his original Rap creating a timeless feeling and mixing the best of both decades.

Once we were so into his music he gave us a bit more of his plan, a song and video titled ”Broken Glass”, a song that is denouncing all the wrong situations through smart lyrics and delivered on a more modern environment but in Black and White… We feel there is a clue there to where his album is heading! The song includes modern electronic elements mostly used on the 2000s as well as now while his voice guides us along with it.

Not long ago we got the third part of the Puzzle, ”Always on my Mind” feels more connected to Hip Hop, but keeps those Electronic Dance influences playing with the song. This brings richness to the entire album, offering differences between the songs, increasing the feeling of easy-listening that surrounds his brand.

”Keep Busy”, his 4th release moves into a darker spectrum of Hip hop, again adding value to the entire composition. His rap keeps steady, loyal to his style and right on point with lyrics and music video.

This leads us to the 5th song, ”Girl from Round the Way”, a highly anticipated single for us! The song begins with a beautiful intro, moving into a more danceable bit and surpassing the top of our expectations towards how could the next song be. His rapping fits in with the beat to a point we can’t even comprehend. The hook is catchy and easy to remember and the best part… we have an album name!

‘Into the Multiverse – The Subsequel Mixes’ – will be fully out on February 8th and we’re so ready for it! Are you?



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