If darkness and elegancy had a name, that would be Ruby Black. Her unique talent and style in music has made her grow to become one of the figures leading the Industry on independent music.

Her sound makes you feel the vibrations of her voice, sync your mind to her words and surrender yourself to the ethereal energy around here compositions. Is like she is playing with the listener and we’re just mere puppets, waiting for her to command us.

This is not an easy task, you need to build a perfectly thought single, one after another until when the whole catalogue can transport people into another realm where they just enjoy. Somehow, it feels ethereal to us.

To begin the year under her wings, she released a single titled ”Gamer”, a full proposition destined to mark where her music is going to be approaching in the future. The song, available on Spotify as well as other streaming services, counts with D Power Diesle; rapper that adds even more value to her single.

Ruby Black can be followed on all social media under her username @IamRubyBlack

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