We are amazed by the arrangement of songs KinetiX is offering to their audience, the three brothers band: Arthur (drums), Ademar (keys/guitar), and Theodore (vocals) have reach the heart of Millions with their sound via TikTok with a video that got over 11Million reproductions and still raising and now they’re back with a new song titled ”Strive”

Strive, word used to express making great efforts to achieve something or fight hard for it, is a perfect word to describe this Band.

Each one of them is incredibly talented and together they definitely have a great thing going on. ”Strive” has the unique deep voice from Theodore, that unique grasp that few people have in their voice makes the lyrics smoother to our ears. The building of each detail, the sound choices, the ”radio” intro and ending of the song… is just an incredible hit!

We fully recommend listening to each of their singles as some of them like ”Remember Days” reached over 50k Streams on Spotify while ”Remember Days” and ”Toys” have over 120K views on Youtube!