Music moves mountains and if somebody knows how to achieve this is definitely Fruta Brutal, with a consistent schedule of singles being released along 2020 with beautiful cover pictures designed by talented artists, he is delivering an incredible wide catalogue that touches multiple genres without loosing the essence of his unique mix.

Vocals are on point, dynamics of each song are crafted to perfection and in his new single ”Mercy for Mortality” we can appreciate a stronger evolution in his genre, it’s hard to find artists who can keep their music growing continuously without loosing focus and delivering high quality sound. A clear inspiration for musicians and an example of professionalism and commitments with his fans.

Songs like ”Jardines de las Delicias” inspired us, Spanish lyrics, a great voice technique and sounds blending perfectly together from beginning to end. ”Wait for It” brought a different and new style to the table, a more connected synth that made us dive into a new era. ”Mercy for Mortality” solidifies this new Fruta Brutal and still leaves an open path for more innovation and arrangements in future coming songs.

Definitely a worth listening artist that shares with us real music.