Michael’s well known for matching his characteristic, always in tune voice with these happy and joyful soundscapes.

Combining modern drums with these blues pop vibe, Travie Austin never misses a high-quality production, and this song, is just another proof of that.
This time, Travie Austin used the same modern drums feel, with kicks that you will definitely feel in your chest, but this time, we get lost in these acoustic and electric guitars atmospheres that set the tone of the whole song matched by these hard kicks!

“Roses” is a song about love, almost like a outburst or a message to his loved one, using Roses as a metaphor for love “But you laid roses all around me” and what he´s feeling at this moment. The amazing fact that besides the lyrics are somewhat deep and sometimes sad, Michael Kurowski’s music always leave us with a smile, with this happy positive feeling, is really astounding and makes me gravitate towards his music.

If you are already a fan on Michael Kurowski’s work, this one won’t let you down and I promise you will enjoy it! If you are not, welcome to the team, because you will love this one!

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