Her name is Sofi Maeda and before we head to our review, we want you to watch her music video for ”Ashita”

Her music Catalogue is a clear masterpiece with more than a couple songs to explore! She moves between the Japanese Rock to multiple songs like ”Memories” where she sings English on a beautiful melodic type of pop genre. Her skills have no avail for her and her band, composed by her and 4 musicians.

Songs like ”Ashita” and ”Macfduck” are rock anthems from beginning to end and they both feel spontaneous and easy to listen on repeat over and over again (probably the reason why her music video keeps growing!)

Others like ”The Last Song” or ”The Silence Is Killing me” still have those details of a rock band artist but bring a melancholic feeling that only few gifted ones can achieve.

A personal favourite, ”My Oceans Were Lakes”, her first single on Spotify that sounds smooth as water in our ears. She keeps breaking new ground and aiming to higher directions with each song she releases and we love that.

We would love to leave you with another awesome music video from her for her song ”Macfduck”