Sometimes in life the younger generations are being ignored, we focus on our issues, what we’re used to deal with and we forget that some people have incredible talents and messages that must be listened. This is the case of Phoenix Fya, a young Rapper, Singer/Songwriter and Producer with a great gift for the planet.

His new song titled ”Death is Trying” is proof of this, the song, denouncing the actual situation of the world starts with a moody and sad feeling that invited to reflection. Lyrics are perfect, his smooth voice, his singing technique, is all crafted and worked to perfection.

Along the video you can see him skating while short clips of the issues we’re facing jump in. The unique combination with his rap elevates the song to a new level, bringing multiple facets to the audience.

Phoenix Fya like many kids, has many interests that range from nature hiking to music to environmental protection to social injustices. HIs love of creating and performing began when he was very young. By 3rd grade he was in school plays, singing and writing. By age ten, he introduced a song that he produced to his chorus/theater teacher and was immediately put on stage to perform. Music is a part of his culture and his way of expression. 

Quite an inspiration to follow! We fully recommend following him on Social Media.

IG: @phoenix_the_fya
FB: phoenix_the_fya
Twitter: PhoenixTheFya