Some music has that incredible hypnotising effect we all love and know quite well, when you play one song on an EP and it goes smooth, next one, even smoother, rhythm and flow goes hand by hand and you just love the ride through each hit. This is exactly the feeling we got with Papi Francos new EP titled ”Layover”

”Bluphaces” is full of power and cool vibes, jumping into a nice guitar beat with ”One Time”, this song is one of our favs! There are even some Spanish sentences to bring the tequila into the party! Once we were hooked we listened to ”Water”… WOW! Full swag and style there!

We don’t want to spoil the EP to you… you should be listening to it while! Want to know more?

Papi Franco’s own words about it:

“The layover EP was created as an installment of my album trilogy “PARTIER”. Layover is the bridge to me entering the point in my life I’m finding myself out and what I wanna do it’s a big picture behind it all. This project just like my others gives you different vibes and shows the versatility of my artistry. From catchy hooks to bars that might go over some listeners heads I want everyone to take away that this only the beginning.”

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