16th of October of 2020, the future bass prodigy Banana Biz released “Best Side” as a gift for his fans, and let me tell you, what an incredible gift!

Right of the bat, this track takes us into this nocturne urban glitchy and yet spacey journey! From this pitched down voice as the captain of the ship, riding the trip and taking us deep into space, to the filtered growl basses perfectly glued with these hard kicks.

If you are a listener of Banana Biz’s music, you know he never misses a hit, and a major proof of this is that earlier this month, he had one of his tracks “Don’t Fall Asleep” added to Filtr Switzerland (a certified group of well-known playlists) playlist.

This piece of art was created in a unique way, where the balance between every element fits perfectly for the listener to really take a ride trough this amazing journey, or simply to push themselves while working out. Banana Biz is a super professional music producer that I highly recommend you to add to your playlist!

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