Kelani Vibes is back and this time she is reaching to us with a new cover that moves beyond our expectations.

She is doing way more than just singing, she is creating perfection and magic around the lyrics, founding and ambient that won’t dissipate for a long time and of course, bringing a new feeling to the song that for us, it became one of our favourites.

Apart from a wonderful image and a great back background that make her look flawless, the elegancy of her sound is beyond comparable. We’re standing in front of an artist that keeps growing and delivering quality to her audience.

One of the things that characterises Kelani Vibes is her vocal range, the way she keeps the intention and the mood along during the entire song, she is not acting, she is clearly feeling each word and this cover is a wonderful gift for us.

Such is the beauty of this song that we want you to show some support by following her on her Facebook as well as subscribing to her Youtube channel.