With his new song titled ”Catch Me When I Fall” the California born artist Homicide Doll is carving his future into the music industry in all the right ways.

The song, with a high level production and a mixture of melancholy with Slow burn Hip Hop is driving us to another universe with only the guitar introduction.

With that beginning, we can only expect it advances similarly but to our surprise the beat, lyrics and mix of voices elevates the sound to another level, reaching a point we call as ”that glimpse to perfection”

I wish it was longer

Says one of our team members when we heard the song the first time. This single is so great that in few days it got thousands of streams via Youtube!

But fortunately for us Homicide Doll has another song to offer on his catalogue, ”Animosity” is his new and latest release and it keeps us in a loop intertwined inside his music genre.

This song feels deeper and darker somehow, yet still it is quite an easy song to listen and to vibe with.

We love how much Homicide Doll shares with his fans as his catalogue is quite full of awesome music and each song is completely different from the others, really characteristic from himself.