Wonderful to say the least, Belgium based Producer GR4VTY keeps his uniqueness intact on his second song ”Daylight”.

This song is more than just a tune, the female voice added to this new single is as flawless as expected, the arrangements are composed in such a perfect way and the progressive development of the song adding the electronic drums and extra sounds to increase the amount of emotions inflicted on the listener are unexpected but perfectly positioned in the composition.

”I can’t believe this is from an independent Artist” says one of our team members.

The song is so easy-listening and well produced that it shows a clear path for the career GR4VTY has ahead. It is a perfect song for a wide arrange of audiences and so easy to play on repeat for those who give the chance to it.

But who is GR4VITY?

Belgium based producer combining different styles of electronic music into quircky yet original up-beat tunes, just with the aim of bringing more joy into people’s lives. So not another love song or a series of melancholic chords. It’s time for something else. GR4VTY’s aim is to always create something different, fun and exciting. 

GR4VTY found his love for music in a wide range of electronic music styles. Mixing 80s synthwave and eurodance, to trance, techno and raw hardstyle, is what gives rise to his specific sounds: up-beat rhythms, classic distorted synths mixed into an vintage sound with inverse basslines and melodies. It will always be a bit different of course – there are no rules when it comes to music.

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