With her new song ”I Love You Babe” she is placing her music into a higher level than most independent artists.

Suzic is known from always bringing a new twist into her music, from creating and working new sounds, melodies and choruses to deliver beautiful and honest lyrics on each of her singles.

”I Love You Babe” does not stands behind it when it comes to this, the song feels as clear as the title is. There is warmth along her voice, the way she expresses her emotions touches us.

When an artist opens up about their feelings and place it into music wonderful things happen, this is the best way to describe Suzic’s sound.

For those of you who don’t know her, we have always supported her music and each song is worth listening from beginning to end.

Why don’t you let her know how you feel about her music? She is easily reachable via social media as well as Youtube!