Matching a tuneful sound with the mellow emotion of her voice, the Hanko artist’s song flits between the pain of love and hope of things going well.

With “Few More Years” the 22-year-old artist Lilian Young expresses her feelings about failing relationships and why some people hold on to these relationships. The fact that she started writing this song during a hard time in her last relationship, naturally obliges the listener to identify himself with the heart of the song, and consequently with Lilian.

Most of us have had difficult relationships and we know how a love song can make us feel empty, lonely and sad inside. This is not the case, although Lilian Young wrote this song during that rocky time, this is a hopeful song that inspires the listener to fight for the relationship to work out “I don’t want this to end, I feel like I can take a few more years”. Besides everything seeming to go wrong, the Hanko artist struck us with hopeful lyrics matching her angelic voice tones giving us hope and strenght to fight for what we really love.

Lilian Young has a quite promising voice and her good taste translates in these unique soundscapes making her music distinct and special!

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Twitter: @LilzyYoung
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