Versatile is the key word for the 22-year-old British artist from the United Kingdom. Stepping on this Afro-Beat instrumental with his UK drill flow, Kai Zane blast us with this fresh and unique sound he only can provide.
Despite is UK drill flow, his lyrics contain much more content than the stereotype drill rapper. Kai Zane show us how a positive and healthy mindset (“life’s great, every day celebrating”) can really have an impact in other people’s lives.

Don’t get me wrong, you will feel the hip-hop rawness and influences Kai Zane has, but there’s much more that he can express and turn the listener tuned in to his music.

Kai Zane’s versatality and interest on approaching different genres of music and different cultures, will naturally make him gain lots of different listeners which will consequently create the opportunity for him to really stand out and show his art trough all around the globe, there’s no limits for Kai Zane’s creativity and I highly recommend you to stay tuned!

Be sure to keep a look out on his music!