Fire, strength, passion, incredible vocals, perfectly crafted songs and massive Heavy Rock skills is what we can say about The last Element, a group that came to life after the passing of a dearly loved one.

Their new song ”Blood Diamond” is proof of the incredible power and resilient they have inside and their sentence ”When we are together we are stronger ” It gave us chills while listening to it!

The vocal range, the lyrics, how the song evolves into an anthem, definitely a must listen!

After the hardship of a broken home, after the breaking of hearts. Together they found a way to grow, their broken hearts, fitted like pieces of puzzles, they mend growing into one big heart.

We went through each of their songs and believe us when we say songs like ”Forgot About the Sun” and ”Gravity” deserve each of the streams they have, that’s when we found ”Ocean Floor”

This song really resonated with us, we love how the structure was built as where as the soft melodic beginning that keeps growing along with the vocals to reach the climax on the chorus!

Their message?

We believe there are many like us, waiting to mend and join our hearts. 

Together we will combine and become The Last Element. 

We believe in the message of our music working hard to find those like minded.

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