Min the Universe knows how to grasp people’s attention. This is something complex to achieve, his music, specially ”Westworld Reanimated”. Our first thought upon listening was… Like a step into another reality waiting to capture you and dive you in towards mystery, futuristic vibes and electric elements.

The way the song evolves and guides you around multiple feelings and sensations is breathtaking. It could perfectly transport the listener into a video game or a film. This is all the product of Min’s mind.

But who Is he?

NYC-based emerging EDM producer who stepped onto the dance music scene in 2020 with the release of his first single, Find Your Summer (feat. Alex Holmes). He has since been featured in dozens of playlists, aired on radio stations, and has been hard at work preparing his next original release: Westworld Reanimated.

If you haven’t listen to the song yet, it’s as simple as clicking here to play it while you read more.

Inspired by the hauntingly beautiful sounds of composer Ramin Djawadi (Game of Thrones, Iron Man), Min wanted to interpret the memorable melodies of Westworld using modern EDM sounds interwoven with his signature intergalactic sonic tapestry. The track’s storyline features the timeless conflict (and coexistence) between light and dark, good and evil, human and machine.

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