Directly from Lennox Head, Australia, 19 year old artist Fabian Boucaut struck us with his first official Single “Rari”. Don’t get mistaken by this happy introduction, Fabian turns this high-quality danceful instrumental (produced by KDaGreat) into this powerful “vibey” song that a lot of us will definitely connect.

Rapping about his own life and mindset at the present moment, Fabian shows us that he could be the voice of his generation, nationally and world wide speaking.

This is Fabian Boucaut’s first official single, but he’s been making and releasing songs on SoundCloud and Youtube through the past years.

Fabian Boucaut – Cruising (Prod. By JoeMay Beats)

This only strengthens our belief that Fabian Boucaut really takes his craft seriously and that he came to leave it’s mark! We are sure that Fabian will create his own wave on Australia and for sure will create impact once gigs return to be a thing.

Can’t recommend you enough to be watchful for his next releases, Fabian Boucaut is an amazing artist that you will want to show to your friends!