Travie Austin, from Southside Chicago, keeps surprising us with his music, and i can tell you, its quite promising!

After his latest album “Come-Back”, a full success around Spotify with over 20.000 monthly listeners checking his music to now receive 2 new songs! ”Monster” and ”Block me” feat Michael Kurowski and Neon Bleu. (We’ll get back to those songs after the awesome EP!)

His EP ”Come-Back” is a collaborative project with Brad Kemp (Brad currently works with upcoming Chicago artists such as Chore Boy, Glitter Moneyyy (No Trend Records) and Vagabond Maurice and has collaborated on projects with Yvie Oddly [RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11 Winner!) The Ep features a wide range of soundscapes that takes us into the pop, soul and even some blues vibes, showing us how versatile Travie Austin can be.

Getting back to their new music! The track ”Monster” features an amazing vocal performance from them, with acoustic guitars and powerful modern drums, getting us to dive on this new and unique sound while the song ”Block Me” offers a completely different vibe, a more moody and emotional song that will make you love their vocal range even more!

They have been getting a lot of attention in the last couple months so I highly recommend you to add them to your playlist if you want to be ahead of time, it’s a fact that Travie will blow and create some big waves with Michael and Brad, it’s just a matter of time!