New music brings new feelings, new vibes, new thoughts and “Beachfront Balcony” is not any different, in fact, it’s a power boost for all Rap and Old School Hip Hop lovers!

Strat brings us this ”almost lost” type of genre we all love from his EP titled ”Roootz”, we admire how he included with elements into the instrumental, great rap flow with perfectly written lyrics to blend into a master craft. Best part of this? This is not his only song, he in fact has multiple EPs and singles released and you can listen to all of them right here:


Want to know more about ”Beachfront Balcony”?

This is a song about dreaming. Dreaming about making it to the big time, in whatever one chooses to aspire for. It’s a chill, laid back groove made for the beach and/or a coastline cruise. Once I first heard the beat from Leon Literati(producer), it instantly inspired me to write about what I would feel like, once I “made” it to the top. It made me think of owning property on a beachfront, standing on the balcony looking at the ocean. Speaking it into existence was my mindset.

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Twitter: @StratLandMusic