We already know DNDMC is not the guy to have small talk when it comes to deliver a message with his music, and this time is no different.
Joining forces with the super talented rapper JPlus, DNDMC once again hits us with a social intervention hip-hop track that’s essential to hear these days!

JPLus & DNDMC – Fear

“Fear” is the name of the track and it’s about how the fear of how things going nowadays specially in the United States of America can take our mind and drain our energy making us not want to get out of bed “I be up all night, hearing all these voices inside my head, got me paranoid, that if I go outside I may end up dead”.
From the vídeo-clip, to the music, the production is quite flawless, high quality video matching a professional industry quality hip-hop trap instrumental is how they are presenting their new track!
If you need some inspiration to go through these hard times, you must definitely follow both of them, and add some DNDMC to your playlist!