From Philadelphia to the world, the alt-pop singer-songwriter duo Sound Photographers just released their debut Single “Shade”, and to be honest, it sounds quite amazing!

From the high-quality production by Drea Young and Nice Rack LLC, to the hopeful lyrics written by Indy James and Hoozmo (who also did the music composition), “Shade” can really turn your not so good day, to a bright and positive one!

As we hear above and taking Sound Photographers own words, “Fundamentally this song is about hope”, going through these hard times we are all sharing, the song gives us hope and power to have the courage to face whatever happens, “The sky don’t fear the thunder”, I couldn’t describe it in a better way.

The intimate vocal performances from both Indy James and Hoozmo featuring a danceful raw instrumental soundscape sets the tone for Sound Photographers’s upcoming ingles for the coming year and album late in 2021.

Knowing that “Shade” made me curious to listen to more of their music, I highly recommend you to had them to your playlist as I know they will keep to surprise us with this sound pictures that only they can create!