Dar.Ra is a legendary artist with an extensive career and an incredible rock voice that is versatile from beginning to end. Even though his music usually mover around the Rock genre, we can see how after the years he has been innovating and giving new sounds for his fans while still being truth to his original sound.

This is extremely challenging for artists this days!

In fact, the more you listen from Dar.Ra, the more you will appreciate his delicate taste in music and where his roots are coming from. His new song, available on Youtube titled ”Rise like the Sun” is proof of this!

Other songs like ”Whiskey N Honey” (a bonus song he released on Spotify) are more based on the real rock coming from him, electric guitars elevating the song to a new level while his voice plays with a more sexy and extroverted tone. Massive voice control and range along his career.

Another of our favourites is his top song on Spotify titled ”Heavier than Rock N Roll” it’s not a common song, it’s an Anthem! Incredibly full of details, changes of melodies, choruses and with energy enough to move a stadium. We’re talking about an artist with more than 3 albums and multiple EPs out in the market, going to radios, interviews and moving everywhere no matter how hard the industry becomes.

A true survivor!

We can’t ignore his first album, Soul Hours, released on 2008 where you can see a younger Dar.Ra, with clear intentions and pure diamond material on each of his songs, one of our favs from that album is clearly ”Pressure” as well as ”Red, White and Blue”

And he even shifts to a more Hard Rock sound on his newest album ”New Kinda Normal” on songs like ”The Beat” !! As we said, he is a full recommended artist to listen and explore!

Instagram: @dar.ra.brady

Twitter: @Kushadeep