Dyllan Beloy, goes by the artistic name of Dylllll, and throughout these two incredible tracks, he sets the tone of what his sound is all about – honest and personal lyrics with hard hip-hop and R&B instrumentals.

SAD excuse (College KID) it’s a song about what Dylllll thinks and experienced during his High School times – how he had no desire or direction to pursue a college career and what distracted him during that time (girls, sex and drugs – just like many young high school students). Through his lyrics, we can understand that Dylllll realised that if he had stayed in college he would’ve remain broken as a person. The guitar riffs we listen to below these Hip-Hop Trap drums are the perfect soundscape that takes us through our “American Pie” High School times!

Snap Memories – A classic R&B ballad song that many of us will definitely tune into! Above a modern R&B instrumental, Dylllll shows us through his lyrics how his first true love experience was and how the focus of forgeting someone can turn into the feeling that we cannot stop thinking about the person and how memories are a big part of this problem.

We can’t wait to receive more music in the future from him as there is a clear bright career ahead! Be sure to follow Dylllll on his social media!

Instagram: @dyllanbeloy10

Facebook: Dyllan Beloy