While some people already forgot about how the Black Community keeps suffering, DNDMC is out here creating positive, conscious and equality waves!

DNDMC is an amazing artist that uses his art to create awareness and perspective on the problems Humanity is having nowadays, and his latest track “White Privilege” is nothing less than that!

DNDMC – White Privilege

Embodying this hard Trap instrumental, DNDMC uses his voice to send a message to each and everyone of us about his thinking and feelings on being black or white in the United States of America – how the white people are privileged and how he feels blessed, and the hard times black people need to go through and the strength they need to have to get their lives going!

It’s a song that everyone should listen to at least once, DNDMC deeply exposed his feelings (just focus on how his anger comes through his voice) and did an amazing word job making it that anyone can really tune into! DNDMC is a natural leader and I highly recommend you to follow him and be aware of his future work!

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