You know you’re up for something big when your songs keep growing on all platforms and have captured the ears of so many fans and reviewers. Children Of The Void – NOR are the ultimate. Yes, We’re talking about ”Garden Of Bones’’, a Metal Anthem EP that will move along with him for the years to come.

We love how strong each song is, they don’t need to even try it, the whole band knows their potential and played with it to build this EP into perfection.

However, this is pure fire, they transmit goosebumps and pure truth on each of their songs, the lyrics are extremely well written and to be fair, we all share their thoughts even if the genre might appeal to smaller audiences. The wit, the power, style and uniqueness to deliver perfectly crafted songs like ”Garden of Bones” or “A Mirrored Dimension” just beyond the average band on streaming platforms. For us, they exceeded expectations with this release and earned a deserved spot in our playlists.

Sound goes deep, each song feels different, fresh and moody yet powerful and complex, the singer’s vocals are beyond insane, it is in the right place and we’ve felt how he could sync with us with each second from his new EP.

But who are they?

Children Of The Void – NOR consists of 4 members +2 session guitarists, all from the metalscene of Bergen Norway. With inspirations from melodeath, thrash and black metal the guitars both swing and crush with their melodies and rhythms on a rock solid foundation of bass and drums while the vocals shred and tears telling of a dystopic universe a mirror to our own.

This is all we could ask for as listeners, great music from a Band that feels authentic and sets the mood when the voice and mixed influences hit right in. Powerful and timeless lyrics under great rhythm, that keeps their essence alive and elevates COTV – NOR music to a new level! Their official music video on top of that is really catchy, easy-listening, has great tempo and it was worth every second of our time. Can’t wait for more music videos!

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