An EP that made us feel alive, like a Journey along the life of a Junior at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland with aspirations to graduate and fly jets for the Navy.

We found his inner passion inside each of the tracks this EP brought to us and now, is time for us to share a bit more about him and how great it was listening to his sound.

Nicholas DiNofrio grew up in South Jersey’s beach, probably reason to why he is a great beach lover. He started taking drum lessons in 4th grade and continued to for 8 years, and then, he taught himself how to play guitar in Middle School. Writing music became a way for him to express himself and create something that we would proud of.

His influencers move around any artist ranging from Elton John to I Prevail to Lee Brice and his sound is somehow similar to that of Jack Johnson. It feels light, easy listening, motivational, relatable and quite calm for the Indie Singer-songwriter lovers. ”Your Smile” is not his first EP, back in 2019 he released a collaboration EP titled “Espresso Feels”.

Apart from all this, he is an undergraduate electrical engineer with plans to attend John’s Hopkins University to obtain a Master’s of Electrical Engineering and then go to Pensacola for Naval Flight School, yet still he hopes he can work in something related to music, sound engineering or marketing.

This for us is a great minded artist who has the power of achieving anything he wants in life and we will be there listening to each track he releases.

Instagram- @nicholas_dinofrio
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