We want to introduce you to him properly, that’s why here you have his biography:

Ryan D. Neely is a beatmaker and music producer from Louisville, Kentucky. He has been making beats since elementary school and producing music since his teenage years. His favorite genre of compositions revolves around dance music. However, he has experience in hip hop, pop, and r&b music through experimenting and working with others.


Neely’s father, a retired military veteran moved the family to Germany for little over eight years when Neely was a child. While there, the radio served as not only a means to get the news but also hear the latest songs. There was only one English speaking radio channel in the 1980s and 1990s in Germany, so all genres of music shared the airwaves and were broadcasted in the mornings. In order to keep up with world events and things happening back in the United States, Neely’s parents, Ocie and Julius were faithful radio listeners. Therefore, Neely was exposed to multiple categories of music over an extended period of time.

There was also only one television channel for American Soldiers stationed in Europe in the 1980s and 1990s with no MTV, VH1, or BET for Neely and his friends to watch music videos. The Armed Forces Network (AFN), like the radio, had to share its air space with multiple television programs to suit the Soldiers of various backgrounds. With music videos hardly ever being shown, if the music was not on the radio or purchased from the store, Neely and his friends had to get creative and make it. Therefore, Neely would beatbox or play melodies on his keyboard for his friends to rap to. He also played the trumpet in middle school for the school band, further increasing his knowledge of music notes and scales.

High School 

By high school, Neely’s father was stationed back in the United States in Fort Knox, KY. The family settled down in Elizabethtown, Kentucky and Neely attended Central Hardin high school where he played varsity basketball. As he realized playing organized basketball would not go on pass high school, he became serious about making music. At 16, he made his first rap mixtape using instrumentals from other popular rap songs at the time. A year later he purchased a six-track sequencing keyboard with his second paycheck from a fast food job. The keyboard was the ingredient that led to his first beat tape (all instrumentals) and the inspiration for him to build a studio in his parents’ basement.

Professional Moves

After graduating high school in 2000, Neely released his first retail rap album called Wakem’ Up, going by the name M.C. Ryan. Four years later he released his second retail rap album, a Christian rap album called Look Into My Heart. Both albums were dominantly sold hand to hand. After the Look Into My Heart album, Neely made music sporadically for fun. After being married in 2011, his wife encouraged him to reconsider music as a hobby as he focused more on his family, Army Reserves, and day to day careers. In the midst of making music, he continued to stumble upon moments and opportunities where others let him know how valuable his skillset was to them.

Back at It

After contemplating releasing another retail project, Neely found the drive to get busy again in 2020, releasing four projects. The first project was a 25 song mixtape for a rapper by the name of Anuvybe. The project was completed 100% online via the BandLab app and online studio. The second project was a remix to Sense Of May’s “Love Story” song. The next two projects were his own consisting of a rap album and a dance pop album. The rap album, Rapper Turned Producer was made with songs he composed but was unsure about releasing. However, with the help of Distrokid’s unlimited song releasing feature, he was finally able to share them with the world. The latest album, his self-titled Ryan D. Neely project consists of 20 dance, pop, and hip hop instrumentals with sprinkles of vocal here and there.

Neely is happy about his life experiences and how music has helped shape his viewpoints on life. He looks to build relationships with other music enthusiasts and share his creations with many. He can be followed on Instagram and Twitter both by the tag of @ryandwayneneely.