Thrilling, honest and talented, that’s how we can describe him, a rapper that is getting quite the attention on platforms such as Spotify. He brings the real soul of Hip Hop into his music with great influences behind it. This songs from his EP have left the need for more in us, delivering something more unique and risky, melodies few artists put in the music.

Head of Shrinking Headspace EP consists of two tracks first Head of Shrinking Headspace, a track that personifies being the leading voice in someone’s head featuring production from Doc Laundry. The second track ”Any Percent Speedrun” is an abstract study about your feelings about what you’ve accomplished.

We are personally mesmerised by the quality of his sound and the way he plays along going off beat and getting back at it while being on sync with the tempo

Both hits are a must listen as well as each track and we want to make sure you listen to him!

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