There is a beauty hidden in music, a deeper language that goes far beyond the sound we listen and Suzic knows how to tap into it, put it into music and release it to the world for us to enjoy it.


She is more than a composer and a singer, her experience on the field runs back over 25 years working on success after success, with a long list of hits behind her composing. Her music genre of choice is pop and electronic dance music (denominated as Dance pop). She has worked on many albums such as “All My Love”, “The Flow of Life”, “Classic Dreams” and her latest being “Worlds Apart” released in 2019. She has also worked on song’s (singles) like ‘Your My World’, ‘Heaven, Crazy Love’, ‘Paradise’, ‘Sunset’ (dance mix), ‘Lovin You’, ‘Heaven’ (dance mix), ‘Horizon’, ‘Our Children’s World’, ‘Raising Above’, ‘Wild Dreams’, ‘Skylight, Child’s Vision’, ‘Christmas Time’ and ‘This Our World’. In 2020, she set off at a good pace where she has dropped hits like High Energy, Only a Woman Heart, This is Your Time to Shine, Peace and I Never Wanna Let Tonight Go.

Her sound moves to a higher level, it’s not only Dance pop, her voice has the power to elevate our souls to a new realm and songs like ”Baby Baby” are proof of it. The song, is a collaboration with Reda Marko, a mix of voices that blend perfectly into the ethereal pop instrumental.

Her catalogue includes music that is definitely worth listening, starting with there song ”Firework” (that already has over 330.000 streams on Spotify!) to some of her recent hits like ”Hey Hey”

You can listen to more about Suzic on her social media and show some support by following her on Spotify