What a great way to start the day, to wrap it up, to feel achieved and ease the tensions than with good music from an artist we love since the first day we listened to him. ”Pay Me” is his new song and we’re thrilled by it!

Ronald Mkiza (@ronaldmkiza on Instagram) has left us speechless once again with his new song ”Pay Me”.

He means each word of his music, there is honesty, there is freedom and wild creativity on each song from him. Heart spun independence as a limitless, open-world quest, Mkiza narrows down the vision inside his personal connection when it comes to songwriting. He aims to express deeper feelings than the average rapper, he is profound, he has a soul, he has his unique flow and he is developing his catalogue step by step as it should be done.

To his own credit, he believes in his brand, he knows his value and on this record’s main reference points are the words and the tone he delivers them. But who is him?

After firmly establishing his name in the Rap game through his debut record Look Up back in 2019 and refining his craft to perfection over the years to follow, releasing tons of singles & a second record that took his music straight to the top of charts & playlists all around the world – Ronald Mkiza is droppin’ serious bars on a series of new cuts that reveal his X-factor & flex his finesse like never before. Enlisting the #1 artist on HypeMachine, Tien to deliver a larger then life collab.

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