The incredible project “Reap The Light” was created to expose metal/hard rock to new generations while supporting important causes. Mixing both the talented Reverend Kuzz and Orion Hellraiser, and featuring various guest vocalists they are back after their big successes on their own to shock us with a new album titled “Deliver Hell”.

The 10 songs Masterpiece feels like a Metal anthem to lift up the spirits and just play on repeat throughout the day.

Vocalists are unbelievable, guitar riffs are so on point we got chills, lyrics reach to us and the experience was almost satanic to us, and that is quite awesome since they’re not our first Metal and Hard Rock review.

You can listen to their album right here:

We love how they keep reinventing their sound on each song, bringing something different to the table and keeping their music interesting, emblematic and full of surprises for the listener.