When we were listening to ”Fixed Fate” for the first time we were feeling so curious, instead of just listening to a common song, it usually begins with a great guitar or perfectly composed instrumental. Once the beat starts (with a smooth blend between the beat and the voice) you hear a strong voice with a solid control and strong grasp tone with incredible skill for singing.

Why am I describing it? You should be listening to it right here!

But what’s the mood here?

There’s a lot of moods on this album all sitting under a banner of rock music. The albums shifts moods from heavy to soft and back to heavy again in a way that attempts to mimic the flight of Icarus in which the title alludes to. Lyrics on the record talk of interpersonal conflict with enemies, loved ones, and oneself. All of this follows a loose structure of coming of age and throwing caution to the wind despite the warnings of those around you.

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