This is how we want music to look, to sound, to be created, to make us feel and to captivate us into a spiral of black and white hypnotising drawings that guide us through the song in seconds! We listened to it over and over and we have no words for the incredible work it involves!

Well, we do have some works for you about it!

”O Kosmos mou Miazi” feels like a trip to the afterlife, to the unknown. The rhythmic patterns and the flow of the artist is just mesmerising to say the least. It’s so refreshing listening to music in other languages and discovering that it has a powerful effect on us! Eni-d knows how to get their sound out to their audiences and this is proof of it!

The song, starting in an ethereal vibe keeps evolving along the video as the rap hits in, creating a perfect mix that can’t be avoided, it must be follow until the end of the song and then hit repeat to enjoy it once again. The visual design as a brand goes beyond our imagination to hit into the right categories as unique and abstract. This is a clear master craft.