Fresh, different, unique and filled with an atmosphere of passion and emotions.

Like finding a lighthouse far in an ocean crowded with waves, we found MNA and his new album titled “Mercenary” in a vast catalogue of music, making us breathe, stop and enjoy a different sound.

MNA might be a relatively new artist for you, but he definitely knows how to make people enjoy the sound of his new music and has been around for longer than people imagine.

Apart from being extremely talented, Rapper and songwriter MNA has a deeper creative mind that we can’t wait to explore and dive into as he releases more songs!

But who is he?

Raised in the small town of Olney, Maryland MNA (Matthew Nino Azcuy) watched and listened to all of the greatest rappers and musicians during the 1990’s and early 2000’s. During this golden age of music and music videos, Azcuy was inspired by both rappers and rock groups alike, and when he was sixteen years old decided to make his own music. After years of finding his sound, he teamed up with local producer nemo, to make his album “Diamond Dog”. Matthew Nino Azcuy is also a published book author, avid writer, and a professional movie actor.

He literally made our day when he released this new album and we’re over thrilled for “Mercenary”
His music evolves progressively, brings perfectly chosen changes to the rhythm and keeps the pulse on as it develops.
The way he plays with his voice and how he captures the audience with the lyrics is proof of the great career he has ahead!

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