”Fall Back” is his new song and we’re thrilled by it and excited to tell you more about it!

Sakeller J’s style oscillates between Hip Hop mixed with Rap and a unique Trap tempo that makes each song unique, entertaining and easy to listen along with the rest but keeping it Old School while being modern at the same time.

”Is like he designed his catalogue thinking about the whole, and not only one single”

Songs like this one have captured the ears of listeners around Streaming platforms, getting him thousands of streams on his past songs and now making ”Fall Back” rising daily.

Now, this new hit inspires change, like an artist evolving into a new path taking the best of his genre and his success into a more refined style that keeps being loyal to himself but offers differences to bring more value to his fans.

The change of rhythm and blend of genres with his own is just a huge next step on his career and seeing his sound vary in such ways is letting fans know about something bigger. Will it be a Music Video?

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