Thrilling, honest and talented, that’s how we can describe Marty McKay, a singer, rapper and producer from Zurich that is getting quite the attention on platforms such as YouTube and Spotify. His new album ”Forbidden Flame” is known due to the fact that he created a new sub-genre called “romance rap” with lyrics that express honesty, soulful feelings and have the power to represent any of us. Ever been lovesick and fell for the wrong person? This is the album you want to listen to!

We are personally mesmerised by the quality of his sound and video, the way he plays along going off beat and getting back at it while being on sync with the beat.

The Music video (that you can watch right here) is not only recorded to the highest level of production, it also expresses each word written on the lyrics McKay is rapping about a relatable story almost all of us has lived.

”Evanescent” proves the new album is a ”must listen” for Hip Hop lovers and that his career as a Rapper has just started. As always, we want you to show some support on each of his channels and remember to follow and subscribe to know when he is releasing new music!