We’re shocked with ”STAND FOR IT”, it sounds chill and strong, ethereal and powerful, rap and pop, is like a perfect blend of elements that unless mixed by a master, it could end wether on incredible or on disaster.

Lucky for Topie’s listeners and new fans like us, the song, is a perfect discovery for both audiences, his style keeps evolving with each release and in this case featuring The Australian Artists LORRREY on this hit, the combination of both makes the perfect single.

The single is a departure from Topie’s prior rap songs, and has a stronger pop / trap influence that show the versatility of Topie’s musical and lyrical skills.

But whop is Topie?

Topie is a self taught rapper, lyricist and poet. During the COVID pandemic Topie put his thoughts, emotions and feelings on paper and turned music in a reality. Together with self taught music producer, Bo, he wrote, recorded and published their first EP Trapped from their respective home “studios”. Since July 4th they released 4 singles to date; Balloons, BAD HABITS, left me, and STAND FOR IT.

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Instagram: https://instagram.com/realtopie
Twitter: https://twitter.com/realtopie