We sat down, searching and scrolling through new music to discover around our Spotify Discover and there it was, we found a new MUST listen artist called Kafeeno. With electronic latino vibes blended in his music, his song ”Let It Rain” fully delivers a perfect danceable and highly enjoyable experience for new listeners ready to move their bodies to his rhythm!

First, Kafeeno’s voice is perfectly controlled and has a unique tone that fans of the ”Latin” Genre will definitely love. His voice is incredible to accompany the synth that leads the song. The sensuality of his voice, the deep tone, the intention and even the structure. A perfectly crafted mix for a song that can easily go viral!

But who is Kafeeno?

Gregory “Kafeeno” Whealton Jr. is a New Yorker with Panamanian roots. Born into an American military family, he traveled the world at a young age being exposed to many different cultures. When his family took roots in New York, he quickly gravitated toward music. Today, Kafeeno is a multi-talented producer who can do everything to include making beats, writing songs, and mastering music.

Be sure to follow him on social media!

Instagram: @Kafeeno
Twitter: @kafeenomusic

Music Links: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/kafeeno1/high-tide-ep