We’re thrilled by Kid Itami and his unique genre, personal style, rhythm and catchy song titled ”ChasingNothing”

Thrilled to the point we can affirm that he created his unique groove inside the music industry, something that few people are able to do. With an instrumental influenced by slow vibes, RnB and Trap influences, a moody kick and sophomore lyrics that feel easy-listening, it lifts up the spirit, warms up the body and makes you move no matter how hard you try to avoid it. It’s so powerful, we all ended up feeling it while listening to him.

Kid Itami is from Long Island, New York. He was in a collective of other Long Island heads 
Called “clan of misfits” and at the moment he is making a tape called “Winter Leo”

The song, raising streams on Spotify as well as other platforms was released recently and what a way to start the year with a mix of styles all into one perfectly crafted single.

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Twitter – @itami516